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Xiaomi Gallery App

Creating the Gallery app screens for the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold and MIUI12

Project Overview

During the summer of 2020, I gained the opportunity to work as a Visual and UI Design intern for Xiaomi’s gallery and camera team. For my responsibilities, I created visual designs for the newly released Mi Mix Fold, a foldable phone, and the MIUI12 software update.

Project Info.png

Mi Mix Fold Gallery Designs

For the gallery app of the Mi Mix Fold, the device has three different orientations:
a portrait folded screen (narrow), and a portrait and landscape unfolded screen (wide).

I designed screens and their different variations for the Recent Photo Gallery flow, the Photo Albums flow, the Memories flow, the Full Picture flow, and more.

View some of the designs below:

Photo Gallery

Small Screen, It 4.png
Big Screen, It 5.png
Big Screen-Landscape 4.png

Photo Albums

Small Screen, It 5.png
Big Screen, It 6.png
Big Screen-Landscape 5.png

Full Photo View

Small Screen, It 6.png
Big Screen, It 7.png
Big Screen-Landscape 6.png

MIUI12 Photo Editor Designs

For the second half of my internship, I focused on creating screens for the MIUI12 photo editor app.

See some of the designs below!

布局 3.png
布局-1 3.png
点击出现时机 2.png
视频剪辑 3.png
编辑慢动作 16_9 2.png
视频剪辑-1 2.png
裁切 3.png
调色 2.png
视频剪辑-2 1.png
视频剪辑-3 2.png


Over the course of this internship, not only did I gain experience using and creating designs with a company’s design system, I was also tasked with using design heuristics to discover how to create responsive designs that maintain fluidity and consistency. The relationships and experiences I gained greatly grew my design skills, especially in the realm of visual and UI design.

In addition, it was my first experience working with people and interfaces based completely in Chinese. Learning about how to design and work with those in a different culture opened my eyes to the value that diversity can bring into universal design. The values of a Chinese company differed with that of my previous experiences, and it was enlightening to be able to experience the differences that culture can bring to design.


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